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24 July 2014
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HEY YALL. so i never get a chance to draw anything personal for you guys so i decided to do a giveaway!!!!


  • must follow me!!!!
  • only reblogs count in the randomizer, so do that. like if u need to bookmark :-)

what u will get

  • a doodle of your choice!!!!
  • it can be paper children, just a doodle, ya know whatever
  • a follow from me
  • friendship

i’m going to choose a few winners but i will close the contest august 16th!! if u have any questions message me and good luck :-)

Luke & Michael’s selfie war


Interviewer: Who’s your celebrity crush right now?

Luke: Michael Clifford

Michael: Your mum

Michael: Sorry.. *giggles*

Calum: Mine will always be Mariah Carey 

Ashton: Mine is Kelly Rowland today 

Michael: *Still giggly about his joke*

Luke: *Starts giggling with Michael*

Michael: *full out laughs* That was a really good joke

Interviewer: *Tries to change topic*

Michael: Your mum sorry *continues to laugh*

24 July 2014
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24 July 2014
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[HQS] 5 Seconds of Summer arrive at LAX airport - July 22nd, 2014 

Read "Unconditional."

this is a new fanfic including ashton. (: 

im currently working on the first chapter right now, please check it out and add it to your library or whatever you want to do so you know when the story officially begins!! ily. x